Unlocking a New Era of Airport Transfers in Malta

On the island of Malta, a beacon of tourism and travel, Malta Transfer undertook a transformative journey to revamp their airport shuttle service. Discover in this article how our software solution for on-demand mobility plays a pivotal role in modernizing Malta Transfer’s booking options, enhancing their fleet efficiency, and propelling them into a new era of convenience and flexibility.

The Malta Transfer Airport Shuttle Project: A Modernization Use Case

Modernizing Tourist Transport - Malta’s Vision

Malta Transfer envisions a future where airport transfers are not just a necessity but a seamless and modernized experience for every traveler. This is how we embarked on this partnership. The project aims to streamline operations, optimize fleet utilization, and set new standards for tourist transport in Malta.

Key Deliverables from Simdle Mobility

White-Label apps for seamless connectivity

  • Rider App: Empowering travelers with a user-friendly interface for effortless booking and real-time updates.
  • Driver App: Providing drivers with essential trip and navigation information.
  • Dispatching Web Interface: Enhancing operational efficiency by centralizing and managing all aspects of the shuttle service.
  • Deep integration into the Tallinja App

    Simdle Mobility integrated seamlessly into the Tallinja app, strengthening its positioning as a comprehensive Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform.

    Versatile public website for ride booking

    Our team developed Malta Transfer’s public website with a replicable architecture for other future airport transfer projects.

    Mobile Rider app promotion

    At the moment the mobile Rider app is being promoted as the primary booking channel, as it comprises more functionalities than the website and provides the passengers with a better overview.

    Diverse booking options

  • Traditional ticketing machines
  • Counters for in-person bookings in the airport’s luggage pick-up area
  • Mobile Rider app
  • Integration with ticketing machines

    To ensure smooth operations, we have integrated our system with the ticket sales machines located at Malta Airport. Thus, bookings made via the Rider app, at the airport counters and via the ticket machines are all considered and optimized in the ride Dispatching Backend.

    Dynamic Ride Tracker

    Passengers booking at the counters or at the ticketing machines receive their booking confirmation via email or SMS thanks to our Dynamic Rider Tracker feature. This allows them to follow their ride status without having to download the app.

    Our API - for a versatile seamless experience

    Central to the project's success, our API seamlessly integrates into various booking channels, ensuring a cohesive system that caters to diverse passenger preferences.

    Shaping the Future of Mobility in tourist-centric cities

    Malta Transfer not only modernizes their airport shuttle service but also sets a new standard for tourist transport in Malta.

    As Malta Transfer project continues its successful journey, it sets the stage for similar ventures. Reach out to us to explore the potential of on-demand mobility for airport transfers or any other use case that’s yours.