What is the main challenge we meet at Savvy Mobility in developing our software? It is to deliver a stable yet versatile core solution while satisfying multiple and varying needs in terms of customization. At Savvy Mobility, we can pride ourselves with an exceptionally talented and agile team and a flexible structure ready to deliver what the market requires: our core team currently counts a dozen (and growing!) young talents in Kockelscheuer (Luxembourg) and Oporto (Portugal). Being part of Losch Digital Lab S.à r.l., Losch group’s subsidiary specialized in software development, Savvy Mobility can rely on an additional 40 IT experts to push the development of our solution when and where needed to satisfy clients’ needs.

What is driving all of Savvy’s team members is the belief in a better world where mobility is shared, inclusive, and sustainable. This is where our mission originates: At Savvy Mobility, we make sure no vehicle runs emptier than it should. Out of respect for the planet and its people, we want to provide the tools for a more sustainable and yet convenient mobility. By optimizing the occupancy of the vehicles on our roads, we contribute to the decongestion of our cities, better connection of rural areas, and a more efficient use of transport resources.

Working at Savvy means that we value and live a culture of mutual respect. We encourage and value opinion sharing, we overcommunicate, and we actively ask for information and constructive feedback. This is how we get most out of a diverse and international team. And, as the best guarantee of our own success, all our effort as a team goes into making our clients successful. To achieve that, our expertise is structured into three coordinated teams under the management of Roman Entinger:

Our engineering team ensures the development, maintenance, and support of Savvy Mobility. Responsibilities are shared around the different modules of our software: Savvy Rider (our app for passengers), Savvy Driver (our app for drivers), Savvy Manager (our dispatching and controlling web interface), Savvy Optimizer (our routing and optimization algorithm) and Savvy Mapper (our mapping and navigation solution).

João Silverio is responsible for Apps, while Julien Capobianco is our Savvy Optimizer and Savvy Mapper specialist. At their side is Florian Lagouche who handles the infrastructure as a Dev Ops. Sean Blevins, our Engineering Manager, is leading the development roadmap of all modules, with a special focus on having little third-party dependencies. José Alves and Marcos Alves support the team in the different software developments while Patricia Pereira is coordinating the development cycles as a Product Owner. When a major change is required, the team can count also on the support of more than 40 colleagues from Losch Digital Lab Oporto who provide strong expertise in software development.

To strengthen our core engineering team and taking the lead for Savvy Manager, we are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer! (link).

The second team oversees sales and marketing. Its role is to increase awareness of Savvy in the market, implement our go-to-market strategy and increase our customer base. To achieve this, we are happy to have Darian Heim on board. With his multiple years of experience in several mobility start-ups and a track-record in successful internationalizations, he is leading this team and also the implementation of Savvy Mobility’s general strategy. At his side is Julie Authelet as Marketing Specialist, who brings her domain comprehension and in-depth knowledge of Losch after promoting new mobility solutions for the group for several years.

If you want to be part of this journey in the sales and marketing team, we are looking for a Senior Business Developer DACH (link) and a Junior Business Developer DACH (link)!

The customer success team acts as a bridge between customers and the engineering team. It ensures that our clients can use the current platform and its upcoming releases to become successful. In this team, elements of SaaS account management are interwoven with handling complex projects and underlying partnerships. Luc Theisen is Savvy Mobility’s seasoned topic matter expert for this. He started the Savvy Mobility adventure from its very beginning onwards and carries a wealth of knowledge and a strong network with him. Besides, he is City Council Member for the city Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg, where he dedicates himself to several subjects, including mobility. This brings him an excellent first-hand knowledge of the mobility in the country.

If you want to support Luc Theisen in his mission, we are looking for a Customer Success Manager (link)

If you have questions or wish to have a demo of Savvy Mobility, please reach out via contact@savvy-mobility.com or +352 288 368 48 48.

Let’s shape the mobility of tomorrow together! #MakeYourMove