With the mobility space ever changing and further consolidating, we feel compelled not only to look ahead at what Savvy Mobility is up for after a year of re-organization but also look back at our origins as a startup and what we have achieved on the way.

It all starts in 2016 when UFT, “Utopian Future Technologies”, was founded In Luxembourg with the aim of improving mobility in urban and rural areas. With a talented team of engineers, UFT develops a software for on-demand transport that is first used in 2018 to launch KussBus. It offers a first of its kind flexible shuttles for commuters between three countries: from Arlon (Belgium) and Thionville (France) to Kirchberg (Luxembourg) and back. UFT’s solution allocates the vehicles and optimizes the pooled trips in real time according to demand. Riders book their seat via the KussBus app, are picked up at a virtual stop close to their home and dropped off near their work, without the need to change means of transport in between.

After a successful year of operations with thousands of trips served with KussBuss, UFT starts to focus on taking the software to the market. Its main partner in this endeavor enhancing the solution is Adapto, a transport service run by Ministry of Mobility and Public Works in Luxembourg for people with reduced mobility: specially equipped minibuses, vans, and cars pick up passengers at a pick-up compatible with their capabilities and needs. Trips are booked in advance using the mobile app, the web interface or the call center and dispatched to 28 transportation companies consisting of up to 600 vehicles. The collaboration has united all stakeholders on a single software platform and optimized the coordination between the different bus operators while decreasing mileage and resulting greenhouse emissions by 21%.

Following the launch of two national projects and winning several prizes (link), UFT expands to Europe: In 2019, it wins the biggest on demand mobility software procurement to date by ÖBB Postbus AG in Austria. UFT provides and maintains the software solution used under the “Postbus Shuttle” brand, setting the basis for operating several on-demand ridesharing services in rural areas but also as feeder services to and from train stations. In this close partnership, UFT’s on demand mobility software achieves a full integration, first of its kind in its depth, into the national travel planning App “Wegfinder” while also being available on the Austrian ticketing solution “Ticketshop”.

To achieve the long-term support needed to make UFT’s internationalization in a complex market setting successful, Losch Luxembourg acquires UFT’s underlying source code at the end of 2020. Most of the team and the solution become part of Losch Digital Lab, Losch’s subsidiary specialized in software development with a team of 40 developers in its offices in Kockelscheuer (Luxembourg) and Porto (Portugal). This integration strengthens Losch’s strategy to diversify its business and become a major player in sustainable and digital mobility solutions, building up on Losch Digital Lab’s acquired expertise. To give emphasis to this new strategic alignment and acquisition, the former UFT solution is launched under the rebrand and within the product family of Savvy Mobility – the brand to materialize Losch’s aspiration to become a future key provider of intelligent digital solutions at the crossroads of mobility!

In 2021, Savvy continues its internationalization with two major clients. Choicecar SA, a company offering customer transportation for different sectors in Portugal, uses Savvy’s flexibility and performance to operate both its "Bedriven" (airport transfers, tourist trips, parcel delivery) and “Rodinhas” services (children's school transport) with just one platform. In total, ChoiceCar transports more than 1,2m people across the country every year 24/7. Another success is Savvy’s collaboration with Easy Mobil, a company founded by the two bus companies Silbernagl and Pizzinini in South Tyrol, offering various transport services the latest being the electric Callbus operating in Merano, Italy. With our platform, Easy Mobil has optimized their transport offering.

What is next? Today, Savvy Mobility is ready to hit the market running with a consolidated team and an identity that embodies our clear mission: make sure no vehicle runs emptier than it should. We will increase our presence in the European core markets and work towards a long-term reputation through exceptionally talented team members with strong values that drive us every day. Stay tuned on our latest by joining our newsletter or getting in touch to get a taste of the flexibility of Savvy Mobility by requesting a demo: https://savvy.mobi/